Champions of Hope

Calling All Champions of Hope

Since we founded Milaap in 2010, we’ve seen lenders impact almost 50,000 lives through $1.36 million in loans. You know what they say about “little drops of water…”? It’s true!

In 2014, our flagship campaign is “The Hope Project,” a collaboration between Milaap and the ASSET India Foundation, which provides women (and their children) rescued from trafficking with life skills and opportunities. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in loans to fund small businesses started by former Devadasis, so that they can become self-reliant once and for all. Here’s Mahananda’s story:

Raising $100,000 in micro loans is an ambitious goal, no doubt about it. But this year, we hope you‘ll join us in becoming an official Milaap “Champion of Hope,” so that collectively we can achieve this goal.

What will a Champion of Hope do?

  • Become a Milaap lender of at least US $25/INR 500 to any Devadasi-founded project
  • Commit to reaching out to your community to bring on 10 more lenders, who’ll each make their own $25 loan
  • Ask each of your 10 new lenders to gift a loan to a friend (courtesy ASSET), so that they get to see how a Milaap loan works… and, hopefully, become inspired to join us!

We’ll give you all the tools & know-how you need to do this, so don’t worry about that side of things. And we’ll also be holding lots of events, online and offline, through the year for you to participate in – so you’ll get to have fun while doing good.

So if you’re in, please plug your info into this form (we won’t share/sell it, promise), and we’ll get you started!

Remember, if we all join together, we can really “Lend a little. Change a lot.”

Thank you!

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